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In almost every project, there is a need to apply for a building permit. This can sometimes be one of the most difficult aspects of the whole plan.

At the very least, each permit application needs to have a full set of architectural drawings, which need to include: foundation plans, floor plans, elevation plans, structural drawings, cross sections, electrical layout, plumbing layout, mechanical layout calculations, and the list goes on.

Let us not forget environmental issues involving permits for septic concerns and Ministry of Natural Resources for shoreline development.

If by chance your proposed building / renovation wishes, are beyond the limitations expressed by local by-laws, you may find the need to apply for other permits. These can include applications such as Minor Variances and Zoning Amendments.

All of these requirements are necessary to be in place before any construction can be done. And they can all be very time consuming. As part of our services at Casey Contracting we make ourselves available to help with all of the above acquisitions.