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After completing high school, and setting my sights to become a pilot, I spent the summer of 1978 working for a local carpenter. Not only was this occupation fulfilling, it was giving me a sense of accomplishment at the end of each and every day. It wasn't long before I realized there might be a need to re-consider my career...

I knew I wanted to work in Muskoka and started a construction company. Casey Contracting was formed.

Thirty Years later I am still swinging a hammer, and enjoying the continued fulfillment of working in one of Ontario's treasured regions.

I am very fortunate to be making a living in Muskoka, and continue to be excited about every project taking place. The rewards are endless and they all result from a number of criteria, the most important being... the people we work for. Without our clients, and potential clients.......where would we be? With all the good fortune of a healthy working atmosphere, working with my hands, a career in Cottage Country, and doing what I love to do, there is no way I would jeopardize my situation.

Thirty years, and more to come.

That is the basis of a company you can trust.

Build in Muskoka. Get Hooked on the Feeling

- Cary J. Cain